Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Card Games in Vision Therapy

I played card games with the therapist yesterday. Crazy Eights and Bullsh%$! while I wore red/green glasses. One eye sees through a green lens and the other eye through a red lens. If you are not using both eyes, then everything will appear in either all red or all green depending on the eye you are using.  For a strabismic with my lightening speed talent of switching back and forth from eye to eye I could do what I have always done, but the idea is not to switch from eye to eye, but use both eyes.  Basically retraining my entire visual system as I know it. 

When I say this is difficult, I am understating it. While playing the card game, the cards go blank, then flicker on and off.  Imagine someone flashing a card at you so quickly that you can barely say what you saw.  Was it the King of Diamonds?  Queen of Hearts? 

Five months ago I know I would not have been able to handle a card game with red/green glasses on, so I see the progress, but I yearn for things to be more steady and not sure if I will ever get there without surgery.  Only time will tell. 

 I am reminded of the first time I learned about subliminal advertising where they would imbed a split second image of a dripping Coca Cola cup or whatever it was they wanted movie goers to buy.  As a kid I would always close my eyes through the trailers because I didn't want some commercial worm to enter my brain.  My stereo-vision is like this; flickering, flashing, subliminal.  Popcorn anyone?  

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