Friday, January 16, 2009

Tree Fort for Chester

snowy-pine-tree-01 by callous903.
         Grab the dog leash it's snowing again 
All excited to see the snow in the daylight yesterday, I grabbed my prism glasses, harnessed up the dog and ran out.  

To my surprise, the snow looked the same as I have seen it for most of my life; a flat sheet of flakes. I didn't get that magical snowy 3D experience.  In fact, nothing looked out of the ordinary.   

Sometimes I see in-stereo and other times it just doesn't happen. I admit on the walk back home I was a bit deflated, but from experience I knew it would be back. 

I was just about to walk inside when our dog Chester paused. He has a retractable leash and wandered off under a small floppy Hemlock tree weighed down by snow and ice.  I was freezing and hoping he would hurry up. 

As I walked over to him, the tree suddenly appeared to be like a giant dome (a mushroom really, but I don't want to sound too trippy) with Chester as a tiny leprechaun underneath.  The top of the tree was close to me and scooping underneath was all this space. It was incredible. It looked like a neat little canopy in the shape of an umbrella. I was stopped in my tracks by all the space under the branches. The trunk was in the center and the pine needles created a roof. The tree became a house! For the first time I could see the meaning of the word 'underneath.'

Standing there relishing the magnificent sight of our dog under that droopy Hemlock, I laughed and thought, this is so bizarre, this whole vision changing thing is really is just soooo bizarre.  Chester stood there looking up at me, and I know this sounds silly but it was like he led me there.  Creepy pug!


  1. I am still just facinated with your ability to verbalize what you are seeing. I have been trying, ever since finding your blog, to imagine what it would be like to see monocular (or how my daughter must see)..I just can't though it's a very hard concept to get. Anways..I really appreciate reading your blog and I am so happy for you with your new found vision.

  2. Hi Heather,

    I just read your post (after just writing the one above) on your blog. I never did receive your note on my blog sorry about not getting back to you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.. your words of encouragement make me feel so much better. I am very glad to hear that Gabriella will never see it as an impairment just a different way of viewing the world. I really look forward to following your story and again thank you for sharing it with us and for responding to my message.

  3. Hi Christine,
    Thank you so much for your notes, I am so glad that you are liking my blog!
    I think I was VERY lucky to have lived my life never knowing, never being told I saw differently than other people. If your daughter develops her binocularity, then bonus! But otherwise, please, please know that lived blissfully unaware of my impairment for 40 years!
    I think if anyone had ever let on that I would live my life seeing unlike other people, I would have become a head case! (as it is, I am already a head case!!!!)
    My blog highlights all the new things I am seeing and it is so exciting! But as I said when I first started this journey, if I do not get to see what Sue Barry saw in that article written by Oliver Sacks, it is ok... I am happy and while it sounded amazing, I was blissfully unaware that I was ever missing anything.
    Sure, I have had some challenges (parallel parking) but they have been very small and never had a serious impact on my life. I think learning in school was challenging as I had a hard time tracking with my eyes the lines on a page, so if I had a bit of extra attention with that, I think that may have been a good thing.
    If your daughter is not able to have stereo vision, she will never know what she is missing, and while that may sound sad or difficult for a normal sighted person, she will never know. That is the important thing to remember...she will be just fine and adjust to whatever way she sees.
    I don't know if this helps to make you as a parent feel better... I hope it does. I just want to say that I never suffered because of not having stereo vision. Ever.
    Stay in touch,

  4. This reminds me of Lao-tzo in the Tao Te Ching talking about the space between things being as important as the things themselves.

  5. LOVE IT! For me, it's the invisible glue that holds everything together!
    Space is a place!


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