Thursday, April 2, 2009

If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Paris!

Just in case you were thinking this was a photo of a tourist in Nice, it is not, it's ME wearing my red/green exercise glasses.  

Vision Therapy is going very well.  It takes a lot of patience and the ability to pay attention to every moment.  This week I had double vision.  It was a exciting and strange experience.

The therapist drew a circle on a big white board and while wearing these red green glasses, with my prism glasses underneath, she told me to take two laser pointers (I had one in each hand) and try to point the two lights inside the circle.  I could not do it.  I was able to get one of the beams in the circle but not both...It just seemed so impossible, like my hand was not attached to anything i was doing and I could not aim it in the circle no matter how hard I tried.  

Suddenly out of nowhere another circle appeared above the one she had drawn.  I screamed, "HEY, THERE ARE TWO CIRCLES NOW!!!" (I scream a lot in vision therapy...) So they said, "ok, then put one light beam in each circle, which I did easily and then the therapist slowly lifted my glasses to show me that I had put both beams in ONE circle. 

I do not fully understand why this happens... Why did I see two circles, and then without the glasses only see one?  I have to figure this one out!  So, I understand that my brain is not suppressing one of my eyes, but it is now giving me two images and I need to learn to fuse the two things.  BUT HOW!?  


  1. Good luck with your vision therapy! Work hard.

    Dominick M. Maino, OD, MEd, FAAO. FCOVD-A

  2. Rally cool shades.....seriously....where can I get a pair...
    Have you ever used EYEPORT at therapy?...Just got one last week...its interesting...also have you ever used any auio/visual stimulation glasses...very colorful and nice on the eyes/brain.....has your doc ever put strips of tape on the inside edge of your glasses? I read about it/tried it/like to take walks w/ the sunglasses taped that way...also have you evey relaxed your eyes by looking at the visualizations available in windows media player.....very relaxing....I will try anything to get binocular convergence to work!.........rgds

  3. Dear Dominick:

    Thank you for your words of support. I am working hard and it continues to be an incredible path to walk.

    I have looked over your blog and it is filled with interesting information. I am looking forward to reading more of it.

    Thank you again and please stay in touch!


  4. Dear Mjarret1:
    Thank you for your note. I have never used Eyeport, but interested in hearing more about it. I have not used Visual Stimulation glasses either, but will look into them. My doctor has not put tape on my glasses...not sure that would work for me. I am vertically misaligned, so perhaps that is something to keep one from looking inward...not sure. Can you tell me more? Can you also tell me more about the Windows Media Player Visualizations and where I can find them?
    Thank you and all the best in your VT!

  5. Hi Heather - I read your interview at and was struck by the similarities in our stories (I posted mine there.) I too went 'cross-eyed' at 3 and had an operation at 8 that overcorrected. I am 44 now and have also been doing vision therapy recently. What a journey! Thank you for sharing your story! Best, Lisa

  6. ...just wondering...

    did you ask your vision therapist why you saw double?

    what you said makes sense, your eyes aligned and because they don't know how to fuse, they saw double.

    do you think it's possible to fuse the double vision?

    I also have strabimus. when I try and concentrate really hard to get both my eyes to focus on the same spot at the same time, I always see what I'm looking at in double.

    I hope with more practice the brain will learn to fuse the image. please let me know if you get any more information on what the double vision is and how you can help your brain to fuse the image!


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