Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fantastic 3D Image!

I just found an amazing 3D image. 
For those of you like me who have Strabismus you'll find this fun watch and see what seeing in 3D must look like. If however you already have stereo-vision, but curious what seeing monocularly would be like, then imagine comparing this image with one that does not move, which would make it FLAT! Check it out here and let me know what you think. I do not see the world this way, the way I see is more like it looking at a photo; things are not in 'succession' like they are in this clip, but more lined up along a flat plane.  Imagine seeing the world like this for the first time!  Well, that is what I am learning to do and it is a lot like being an alien and visiting a new planet! Do you see how the tree is in front of the bridge?  Imagine knowing that the tree was in front of the bridge intellectually (as you would in a photograph) but never actually seeing it in front of the bridge! 


  1. hello, I found your blog, was curosly trying to find some site, where *I could read and learn.
    I have to same problem with my eye, looking up and right (right eye) moreover it has 30% at most vision in right eye and almost looks like red, I took 10 surguries to cure other problems (Cataracts, Glaucoma, retinal infectio, retinal detachment, ...) I will impatiently follow your blog from now.
    and I do see the same.

  2. just to add that though I have strabismus, but due to the much less vision in my right eye (30% of a healthy vision) I won't be able to see the world in 3D. but that is ok! I have used to this since I was born


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