Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day Seven Post Op

Since I can't really write on the computer for very long yet I am doing video entries instead. Time to say good-bye to my prisms! I don't need them anymore. You will see from the video that one of my lids is creased while the other is smooth. It is common for someone who has has Strabismus for so many years and has had a head tilt to have one eye that is smaller and weaker. The surgeon said that this can be corrected with plastic surgery, if I desire. I suspect that through Vision Therapy the eye lid will get stronger and lift up on its own.

I am very happy with the results of my eyes. My surgeon, Dr. Brian Campolattaro MD did an excellent job. Also my experience at Manhattan's Eye Ear Infirmary on 14th Street was outstanding.

The next phase is crucial and that will be learning how to use both eyes now that they are aligned. I will be going back to Dr. Carl Gruning to start my vision therapy again which I am very excited about. I know without Vision Therapy my brain will possibly misalign my eyes. I have become very comfortable using only one eye or the other for a over three decades, if it can ditch the two eye system I know my brain will try! So, just as soon as I am healed, I will begin the therapy. Imagine having knee surgery and then never going for physical therapy? It would be insane. Well, what is the difference with eye muscle surgery?

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  1. Heather,

    Good luck with the therapy. Remember the brain is very plastic, and we do what we are trained to do. Plenty of hard work and good luck to you.



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