Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 12 Post Op

It has been 12 days. I am incredibly happy with my vision and my eyes. I still can't believe my eyes are almost perfectly aligned, so I keep taking photos with my MAC to remind (convince, assure, prove.) myself that they are indeed straight. Inside me still lives a crooked eyed woman and I am trying to get to know this new person.

I know I am still suppressing (not using) one eye. When I use my left eye my right eye drifts up and crosses in, but NOTHING like it used to. As for my left eye, it is almost perfectly aligned. When fixating on things right in front of my face, it crosses in a bit. The heavy lid makes the eye look a bit droopy, but apart from that, it is level with the other eye. I used to have eye brows that were on different levels, now they are even. A friend of mine asked me what the surgeon did with the bone surrounding my eye to make my face even. I told her that nothing had been done but changing the alignment of the eyes by pulling the muscles. She couldn't believe that rotating the eye made my sockets parallel. My eyes used to look asymmetrical, now they are even with each other.

The crossing could be due to the fact that the lens in the center of the computer screen and requires me to look inward, whatever the case, I am confident that I can learn to correct this in Vision Therapy. I can't wait to get back to therapy! I have been doing the Brock String Exercise every day now. I allowed myself time to recover for a week. The string exercise helps to 'turn on' my left eye and after doing it, I notice that my eyes seem to work as a team for a few moments. It gives me feedback as to where my eyes are looking which is helpful to learn the 'feeling' that I have when they are aligned, I can then try to coordinate them by recalling the feeling.

I am very happy with the results in so many ways. Something in my brain really likes my eyes being level. I keep getting this tingly happy feeling in my head all day long. Yesterday I was washing a pot. I got lost in the way the sponge rolled over the sides and the path the suds took rolling down the outer edges. This has been happening a lot, ordinary moments made captivating by seeing them in-stereo.


  1. Amazing, amazing, amazing! I am so happy for you!

  2. Heather,

    Sounds like you were tripping when washing that pot. ;-)

    Keep up the good work!


  3. I know what you mean about staring at things in your kitchen. About a month into therapy, I was staring at my fruit bowl noticing that my oranges and limes had more defined peels.


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