Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Nothing is Flat Anymore

I am amazed more and more every day by what I am seeing and experiencing now that my eyes are aligned. Whether I am walking or sitting or driving, everything appears and feels like it is on an incline. For two weeks I have had the physical sensation of leaning backwards. One night I felt it so strongly I asked Sean, "honey, is the couch tilting back?" It is an effort to remain upright especially when speaking to people (I need to learn how to reposition my head) and even when I give in to the pulling and lean back I still have the feeling of falling. Visually it is like I am viewing things as if I have changed my height or something. It is sort of like seeing the world from a shorter person's perspective. Not only do I SEE 3D now, but I also seem to be FEELING it.

When I drive, the car seat feels as though it tilts back like the air has been let out of the back tires. I feel this in my body. Roads I have travelled since my childhood and would swear to my recollection were flat are suddenly appearing as hills-slight grades are everywhere. I thought I lived in a flat part of the world, but now it see it is not. I said to Sean as we were driving the other day, "Oh my gosh, nothing is flat anymore, look even that parking lot is slanting!"

I really enjoy driving. I brought my video camera to Vision Therapy the other day and made these videos along the way. *See below. For the first time in my life I can see the road moving beneath me and the signs and trees passing by, everything is expansive. The jittery movement you see in the video is how I see (which I think is why I get nauseous after being in the car) and with each turn in the car all the scenery slides to one side. Movement through space is thrilling, who knew driving could be such fun?

When Sean saw that I had taken these videos he laughed his head off. I kept asking him what was so funny, but he just kept laughing. He is amused by a lot of my flat world vs 3D world translations. These days I feel as though I am on a different planet and like any good tourist I have my video camera ready to see all the new sights.
video video
Interestingly, Sean started to feel dizzy when watching these. Welcome to my world.


  1. Congrats on the results of your surgery! I think that surgery + VT provides the greatest likelihood of tremendous results and it really appears that that is what you are experiencing!

    I wasn't able to see the video this time, but I've seen your previous ones.

    Perhaps when things settle down we can do an update interview for Bright Eyes News?

    -Dr. B

  2. This is so cool, Heather!! I get so excited reading your blog, because you're describing 3D in a way only (ex)-strabismics can.

    I do hope that one day, my 2 kids will see things in 3D, too. :)

    I couldn't find your email address, so I'll leave mine here:

    jolene565363 at gmail dot com

  3. Hello Heather,

    I think your blog is great! It gives me strength. I am alternating, intermittent esotropia 33 year old female. I have started vision therapy about 2 months ago.

    Can you please tell me when you first experienced 3d after starting vision therapy? I am so pleased that you see 3d now, I hope I will be as succesful as you.


  4. Hi Heather,
    I love the line in your post, "movement through space is thrilling." I remember the first time I noticed after vision therapy that things on the side of the road moved backward as I moved forward. Now I had a new way to gauge how fast I was going.

    As I took in more of the scenery around me, I also noticed that big areas, like parking lots, that I once thought were flat actually sloped slightly. You write about all these perceptual changes so well!
    I can't wait for your next post.
    Sue Barry (Stereo Sue)

  5. Hello Heather,

    thank you very much for your reply. I will try to stay patient ;), which is not always easy. But I am glad you understand.

    There are still a lot of exercises that do not go I still got a lot to learn.

    The strange thing is, from my 3d book I sort of know a little bit how the world should look like....but it is still flat in real life.

    I will send you an email after Christmas. Have a great Christmas!


  6. Hello Heather,

    I am able to experience the three-dimensional depth pictures in 3d books and on the internet with red/cyan glasses, not all the pages, but a few pages.

    It is fantastic when seeing fingers/darts and balls pop out of books and see the people in the books in 3d view.

    In real life I do not see depth, I am only able to see depth in the books. Hopefully I will experience this in the future.

    Have a nice Christmas!


  7. Hello Heather,

    HAPPY NEW YEAR and I wish you lots of progress with vision therapy.

    This is a great book: "In your face 3-D' by David E. Klutho. It is for kids and if you are like me, not greatly interested in manly sports, it might be a bit boring...however great 3D effects.

    I have got other books, but they do not work very well. My husband says they have no great 3d effects. I guess he knows best :).


  8. Congrations on your surgery! I am just starting on the journey with vision therapy. Like yourself I dont have 3d vision. I also have convergence insufficiency, eye teaming problems, lack of visual memory and visual spatial orientation problems. I have other handicaps other than my eyes -- my hearing's a bit whacked, my vestibular system and motor skills are problematic and I have some cognitive problems. But your story is very encouraging. I am using the red and green lenses sometimes too.

    If you want to see my blog, go to and search on vision.


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