Friday, January 29, 2010

Alcohol and Strabismus

Don't Mix!
I have never been a big drinker. Maybe in college I had my fair share, but I have always been a bit of a lightweight and not terribly fond of the feeling of being tipsy.

Yesterday I was at a lunch meeting and had a glass of wine and then in the evening at dinner I had another glass of wine, which is really unusual for me. As I went to sleep last night I had a slight feeling that this was not good for my eyes. I woke and had a bit of a headache (lightweight hangover) and you guessed it, my eye is crossing!

Part of me is annoyed by this, as I am seeing I have to start living like a Mormon. I don't want to live like a Mormon, no offense to Mormons, but I want to be able to stay up late occasionally and have a drink now and then without my eyes going haywire.

This all reminds of of something. I am allergic to seafood. I can eat lobster but mollusks and most other crustaceans make me deathly ill. Linda Blair in the Exorcist comes to mind.

Occasionally people will ask me, "Oh, that is too bad, don't you MISS it, I mean I just LOVE OYSTERS..." For a moment the image of eating a juicy delicious oyster comes to mind, but then my Pavlovian response is me seeing myself violently ill.

Now I associate imbalance in my life (staying up late, drinking over one glass of any alcohol) with crossed eyes and like my allergy to seafood, I don't want to pay the consequences.

This might not always be the case. As I get better and better at learning to use my two eyes at the same time, I may not be so easily thrown into crossed/wandering eye land, but for now no more alcohol.

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