Wednesday, January 20, 2010

AM Crossing, PM Straight

All excited about my new water theory I woke this morning and drank my big glass of water only to look and see my left eye was crossing again. When I did my Brock String exercise, the string was crossing everywhere! I did everything I could to look at the bead closest to the wall but the darn string kept crossing. At one point I swore I was looking at the furthest bead and the string was making an X at least four inches in front of it. I could not uncross that string. Which told me of course, that this is where my eyes were focusing.

I thought a walk on the beach would help. I drank some more water, harnessed up Chester and took a long walk along the beach at low tide. Beautiful morning. I focused on the estates that dot the coast along the harbor and then shifted my gaze back to shells near my feet and then back up again towards the houses figuring that it would help to do some near and far focusing.

After that I went home to do some work, and checked to see my eyes which were still crossing. After a lunch meeting I finished up work at about 5:15 PM.  I wonder why my eyes straighten in the evenings? My water theory is not holding up here! Or maybe it is...I don't know. Perhaps this eye wandering is much more random and I am trying to make sense of something that really has no pattern or cause. I have vision therapy tomorrow and I am going to ask the therapist what they think.


  1. Gabriella's eyes do that too. What I have concluded to (although I am just guessing) is that in the morning she is alert and able concentrate on things more and when she concentrates on things the stronger the concentration the more her eye turns in. In the evenings her eyes look more "centered" and I think that she actually isn't able to see as well at that point (maybe she see's double vision or her eyes are really tired and not focusing as much) and so her eyes are more straight. Anyways I am really curious as to what your vision therapist says on the subject. We have an appt. next week so I too will ask this question from my opthamologist.

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  3. Hi Christian,
    That is a wonderful question. Yes, I do feel a disconnection when they are not aligned. I am also finding that I tend to over scrutinize. I am re-learning how to look at things. I think I have become so accustomed to telescoping on things and not seeing with my whole self. Hmmm, the metaphor is killing me!
    I am curious, what brought you to ask that terrific question?

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  5. After stumbling across Susan Barry's book and then your website, I'm have a renewed interest in addressing my life-long issues with stribisimus. I am inspired by your blog, needless to say.

    Regarding the brock string, I'm considering using it on my own, without VT supervision. However, there's some question in my mind whether there may be a risk in doing so. I predominantly use one eye and gaining more control of the other may pose issues where switching could occur. Is there a danger in unsupervised use of the brock string? I imagine this to be true of VT in general.


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