Friday, February 19, 2010

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

I am writing about a few friends of mine who all share vision issues. Through my Strabismus, I have come to meet many people with visual conditions and a few of them it turns out are incredible artists. Here they are:

Johnny Rozsa's book Untouched is amazing. Where else can you see Rick James poolside and Winona Ryder on a tractor? You can purchase it through Glitterati. While we met years ago in the Tompkins Square Park Dog Run, our first conversation was about our eyes. He is a wonderful photographer and one of a handful of people that make me laugh until my stomach hurts.

Katharine Weber's new book True Confections is absolutely wonderful. It is about a candy factory in crisis in New Haven, CT. I am enjoying it tremendously.
Lili Anel is a singer and songwriter who shares my condition, Strabismus. (Click on her name to hear her.) She has a beautiful voice and I love every song on her latest album. You can buy it here or on iTunes.



  1. Thank you for your support, Heather. Your blog in wonderful and informative; I love it - Lili

  2. Good evening Heather...I have yet another new and interesting tool/toy for you and all with strabismus to consider...or just to have a chuckle...!..
    1. Its about a different way to use your red/green or blue/green glasses and a very simple computer screensaver(it free).
    2. Use your r/g or b/g glasses to watch the screensaver; as a single green ball is bouncing from edge to edge of the monitor...on a bright orange/red background. Those colors seem to work well.
    3. Would you agree that while "keeping your eyes on the ball" that you possibly would be seeing 2 different colored balls...(because of the 2 different color of lenses in your glasses) unless your eyes were perfectly tracking the single green ball at all times?...that by getting your eyes to track together...the image of the balls would nearly merge together into only one ball at all times while watching the screensaver?...think about it is a very simple experiment to perform...costs you nothing and is VERY INTERESTING to the "untrained eye".
    4. When i saw it for the first time it was nothing short of astonishing to me....there is a very good chance you will feel the same way....plz try it!
    5. I can give you more exact instructions if you are willing to give it a shot....oh yeah....this may be the best experiment yet....have only looked at it for a couple of hours.
    best rgds....isee3d.

  3. Hello, isee3d!

    Thank you for your comment. Please do share your special free screen saver so all of us can see this wonderful thing you are talking about!
    I have red/green glasses and excited to try it!

  4. OK! - here is the link....copy and paste it to your address bar.

    1. In the middle of the above on "server 1" and "run". Wait for the download and install the screensaver program.
    2. On your "computer desktop" go to the "control panel" then..."user accounts"..."add new account"...create a new user account just for the screensaver so that you will not have any of your regular desktop icons in the distract from the screensaver.
    3. you can go to the "new user" by starting to turn off your computer..before you do will see the option to change "users"....just change to the new user account to use the new screensaver.
    4. When you are in your "new user account" go to "control panel" then "appearance and personalization" then "personalization" then "choose your desktop background" then at "picture location" use the dropdown box to select "solid colors" then "more" will see a group of new colors...3rd one down on the right is a bright red/pink that and click will then have that bright solid color as your background.
    5. Now go back to "appearance and personalization" then "personalization" and "screensaver".....change the time for the screensaver to come on to "1 minute"....
    6. exit the "control panel"
    7. Just wait for the screensaver to come on...put on your red/green glasses and "see" what you think....
    8. Changing the "background color" to some different color may work better for you... the color I mentioned seemed to work really well for me.
    9. I have window 7....
    10. Hope these instructions are clear to anyone interested!!...the short instruction is:
    go to that website/download the program/install it/add new user account/change the background color/let the screensaver start/ should not take more than a few minutes to install and get running....if you have questons...just ask....rgds....isee3d

  5. Wow, that is a lot of tech work for me!
    I went to the screensaver page, but got a bit wary as I don't want to download a virus into my computer. Let me check with my IT guy and see what he says!
    In the meantime please share your experience while looking at the bouncing ball with the red/green glasses. Is it the movement of the ball that changes things up for you, or something else?
    Thanks again for your comment. Has anyone else tried this out there? If so, drop a comment, I would love to hear more feedback.

  6. I understand your concern about virus problems all to well!!...I downloaded it to my desktop and ran a virus scan on the .exe file.....ask your IT guy if he thinks that would be scan found no virus....
    It is the movement of the ball that seems to be causing both eyes to equally track the ball as it moves around the screen. One eye is seeing a black ball...the other eye is seeing a green/yellow ball and the two images merge together most of the time. I would like to contact the creator of the screensaver to see if it can be inhanced to make other movements available...such as just side to side or just up and down or corner to to corner or in a clockwise/counterclockwise direction.....or any other combinations you might think well as changing the colors of the ball...such as half/half of two colors or one color inside of another...know what I mean? ....isee3d.

  7. "I am not discouraged because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward." - THOMAS EDISON.

  8. I have been doing vision therapy for 26 weeks now and it has been amazing. I am an ESO too with 2 strabismus surgeries as a kid - age 6 and 8. At 50, I decided it was time to fix the eyes after reading Fixing My Gaze and Jillian's story. I still don't have fusion yet, but I can tell when the eye is on and off, I am tracking better and I can keep it on intermittently. I am longing to see in 3D and have only managed to do it once. I keep noticing small changes in objects... I must do my homework daily to keep things working well, but it's difficult now that I am teaching. I did about 18 weeks of VT in the summer. Thanks for the BLOG, it's so helpful to hear someone who is going through the same thing. BLessings...


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