Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Shut Up About Your Eyes Already!

So today I had a business meeting. When I sat down at the restaurant, I realized that the person I was meeting with was directly in front of me slightly to the right, which is not good in terms of my eyes looking aligned. I need people to be slightly to my left for my eyes not to look crossed (or so my surgeon told me...) I wanted to put my best foot forward, so at the risk of looking like a control freak and seeing the seat to my right was free, I said "I am going to move to this seat, as I have an issue with my eyes and this is more comfortable for me..." The woman I was meeting with was kind and said, "whatever makes you comfortable..." So my meeting went on and things felt alright, however at the end of the meeting one of the women I was meeting with started talking about her vision and how she couldn't read the dessert menu with her glasses on. I don't know what it is, but I guess I still have so much to say about my eyes, so I launched into the fact that I was stereo blind and started talking about my surgery despite the little voice inside me saying, "shut up about your eyes already!" I just kept going! They were very gracious and seemed intrigued, but I walked away realizing that I should have kept this quiet, ugh, why do I spill over onto myself sometimes? Why I thought this was an appropriate time to go on and on about my personal quest for stereo vision I don't know!